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Hi, I'm

Hi, I’m @TheDataScientist. I’m interested in Data Science and Software Development. I’m currently learning about various skills of a software developer and data scientist. Currently, studying applied software techniques and applied data science simultaneously at Univeritat Oberta de Catalunya - UOC. I'm currently researching how to implement AI in a drone to collect data for implementation in a data science project for agriculture.


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Hierarchical cluster analysis

Cluster analysis allows you to segment the data in a summary way.

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Factor analysis

Factor analysis is a technique for reducing the dimensionality of a dataset so that it is easier to interpret. Where variables in interval or ratio scale are implied.

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Introduction to Bash exercises

A bunch of short exercises to introduce or practice with examples of Bash scripts.

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This is a breve tutorial about useful tools for the first phase of the ethical hacking, gathering information.

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