The Data Scientist Projects

In this section, you will find some skills that I have



Repository created to share AWS Machine Learning services initiation tutorials.



This is a breve tutorial about useful tools for the first phase of the ethical hacking, gathering information. I will explain the following tools: Whois, DNS Enum, theHarvester and whatWeb.


ML Predict Bike Sharing Demand

In this project, I will apply the knowledge and methods I learned in the Introduction to Machine Learning course to compete in a Kaggle competition using the AutoGluon library.


Parking sensor

It is a cheap and economical parking sensor for cars.


Trading with Momentum

This project is focused on implementing a trading strategy based on momentum using end of day data for stocks in the S&P 500. The goal is to analyze the performance of the strategy and determine whether it can generate profitable returns.


Convolutional Neural Network

Training a Convolutional Neural Network.